Maxx Spas - Elite Spas - Nahanni Spa Jets

Maxx Spas - Elite Spas - Nahanni Spa Jets
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Jets for Maxx Spas (Maxx-Coleman-Elite-Spa Depot-Nahanni) Series made after 2002 used the Jets Below which are Waterway Brand

Look at the Jet back Picture when you click on the face size to verify your jet style as Spa Models made before 2002 Used Pentair Brand Jets

If your Spa was made in 2002 or earlier or you cannot Match the correct Jet Back Style please look under Pentair Jets located under the Link Spa Jets All

Don't forget when choosing face sizes you can use any of the style faces as they are all interchangable within that brand (example on a "Power Storm Jet 5" Face" you can choose any Power Storm Face Style for your choice of therapy as the back sides are the same)